Signing up for freebies is a great way to try new products, get on mailing lists for new products, and also to get some coupons for products you use all the time. Often times, when you signup for a freebie, you will get at least two coupons to use if you like the product and want to buy it later on. This is great because a lot of freebies and samples are small, sometimes so small it’s for a single-use only. Signing up for freebies is fun and easy, and it will make going to the mailbox feel like Christmas everyday, and you can’t go wrong by just trying new products.

If you like to try new products, then signing up for freebies is wonderful, because it gives you the ability to see what’s coming out on the market next. It’s also great because it gives you the ability to try something before you buy it, so if you don’t have much money, it helps keep you from wasting money on products that you buy then realize it don’t work for you.

Most of the time, when you sign up for freebies, you only need to give out your basic information, such as your name, mailing address, date of birth, and email address. You can choose to give out a fake phone number and a spoof email address if you aren’t sure about giving this information out. You should have a spoof email anyways that you use for freebies, since most times you have to agree to a newsletter or monthly email to signup for the product.


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